After the success of his EP Dreams, in 2011, Oliver Tank’s debut album OT is a follow-up to the dreamy, euphoric soundtrack Dreams was so reminiscent of. The listener is instantly transported into an unexplored yet eerily familiar realm where Oliver begins to tap into unchartered territory – territory that’s a manifestation of his maturation, as he overcomes and outgrows the youth-like innocence of Dreams. Although parts of his fundamental personality still resonate at the core, by the end of the album, we get a complete picture of his heart, mind, and soul.

With soft electronic pulses and heart-beat like soundscapes artistically weaved here and there, the masterpiece is the result of a six-year gap that followed his debut EP release. During these years he has managed to perfect a distinct bittersweet, gut-wrenching sound with ecclesiastical, soft vocals and soft electronic touches – apparent with the first listen, and unique to his style.

The album begins with a soft, airy track called Circles; a soundtrack of pure indulgence which paints an atmosphere that is both saddening yet hopeful, setting a perfect tone for the rest of the album.

His personality and heartfelt emotion shines through every song; on Swerve, he laments that he is “Afraid about my life so I get high/Afraid to be myself so I get high”, over the electronic keyboard, on slow-toke atmospheres. The thirty minutes of this debut album go by fast for any appreciative stoner.

Almost every sound, every drum beat, and every high and low pitch wail can be felt ten-fold, with the listener connecting to each song in its depth, space, and emotion. On any other day, OT would just be another soundtrack to any lonely, hopeful stoner.

However, with the track Charlene, a positive and upbeat Oliver finds a companion to share his weed-smoking nights with – “I don’t know how I feel/Feel the way you do” – he finds his own answers in himself on his journey of self-discovery.

In Letting Go, Oliver’s real genius lies in the sincerity and self-acceptance of who he is – a freeing experience. “I used to drink straight from the bottle/I used to feel sorrow in my heart” he sings, in sombre, hauntingly beautiful echoes that paint a graceful, stirring song interspersed with rain drops, guitar strings and soft electronic vibes.