Prove your humanity

Here’s a list of student gigs coming up this month that are hosted by Curtin University’s Screen Arts Students to raise funds for their 2021 Major Film Production. These upcoming films started pre-production sometime early on during the first semester of 2021 and have gone on to shoot their pilot scenes. Now to complete the rest of their production and post-production, these Curtin University students are seeking out your help to raise funds for their short films via various means like fundraiser gigs and go fund me pages. This is a chance to help your fellow Curtin student realise their dreams, allowing them to get good grades, as well as having great portfolios for their careers.

(Not So) Great Expectations – July 15th at The Sewing Room

(Not so) Great Expectations Fundraiser is a live music event that promises to give you good vibes, amazing local music from talented artists and a wave goodbye to semester one! All proceeds from this event will go to the production of the short film. There is also going to be a raffle draw (with a bar card up for grabs!) and a surprise competition. This is set to be a night you will remember! Artists performing include Ayo Busari, Mood Punch Band, Little Guilt Band, and Sunsick Band.

(Not So) Great Expectations follows Anna, an Indian girl with a strict mother who was expected to attend university with her sister after graduating. But while performing in the school play, she finds her passion and is faced with an acting opportunity on the other side of the country. Alongside her sister, Anna must combat her traditional mother’s high expectations and follow her path.

According to the filmmakers, “this is a film full of love, exploring the relatability of teenage life. At its core, the film teaches you to follow your path, even at the disapproval of others. We are excited to make this film but need your help to do it!”

Leila – July 19th at Bar Orient

Leila Fundraiser is a live music event that guarantees a night with good vibes and tunes, offering raffle prizes and flowing drinks! So come along to show your love for talented local artists and humble student filmmakers! With the help of Bar Orient, this gig will be hosting amazing bands and DJs such as Granny Griggs, Psychic Sally, Figurehead and DJ Licht.

Leila follows James, a lonely young man who is seeking a companion to distract himself from his immense solitude. With lockdown looming he becomes desperate and ultimately decides to take a leap of faith with his long-term crush and seemingly only source of happiness, Leila. But will the steps he takes to secure her leave him satisfied, or will he have to bear the scars of his consequences?

According to the filmmakers, “the reason we are creating this film is to help tell many of those untold stories from the uncertain time that was the first lockdown. Those who were already isolated; relying on day-to-day interactions with strangers is what got many of them through their day.”

Nuclear – July 22nd at The Sewing Room

Nuclear Fundraiser is a live music event that celebrates the end of the world. The filmmakers are asking you to join them at the Sewing Room for a meltdown to raise money for their short film, Nuclear. Performing will be Saint Street, The Quay and DJ Rog. Prepare for a night of nuclear antics!

Nuclear follows a family of three fighting for survival in this new apocalyptic world. For father Michael at its head, pregnant mother Teagan, and son Josh, conflict is sparked when Teagan goes into early labour. With Michael out scavenging, Josh is faced with challenges that will force him into manhood.

Stranger & Medicine for the Apocalypse – July 29th at The Sewing Room

Stranger & Medicine for the Apocalypse Fundraiser is a live music event that promises to be a night of fantastic live entertainment at The Sewing Room. This event is a joint fundraiser for upcoming short films Stranger and Medicine for the Apocalypse. It’s going to be a night of drinking, listening and dancing to live music (featuring DJs, acoustic covers and live bands, with the lineup to be announced soon). All proceeds for this event go towards supporting the production of these two great student films.


When a quiet young girl claims she was nearly abducted, two police officers must uncover the true circumstances of the incident—before she is handed into the care of a man whom she does not recognise.

Stranger is a film that is important to everyone who is involved. With themes of protection, mental health and love, this short film is resonating with major issues in modern society.

Medicine for the Apocalypse

Medicine for the Apocalypse follows Anthony as he finds himself – a doctor in an underground bunker at the end of the world. There’s just one catch: he isn’t a doctor. As the walls begin to close in, Anthony must protect his identity at all costs, but to what extent?


So, there you go, 4 amazing gigs from these five student short films – (Not So) Great Expectations, Leila, Nuclear, Stranger and Medicine for the Apocalypse, all coming up this month and you shouldn’t miss any of them! Don’t forget to tell your mates about these gigs and check out their Facebook page for more info and updates.