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We are an Australian student-run media publication, who have been churning out quality content since 1969.

We have a reputation nationally as a premium student magazine, delivering quality features, interviews and reviews through informative copy and slick design.

We operate six editorial departments—Music, Lifestyle, Politics, Art and Film, Economics, and Science—to deliver a variety of content.

We publish regularly here, and produce a glossy print edition each semester—which you can pick up at Guild outlets across campus or view online.

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If you’re interested in contributing to Grok as a writer, editor or designer, or if you have a scoop, contact our team at grok@guild.curtin.edu.au.



The term “grok” was coined by Robert A. Heinlin in the science-fiction novel Stranger in a Strange Land.

Published in 1961, Stranger in a Strange Land was a proto-hippie novel—a celebration of free love and counter-cultural rebellion. It follows Valentine Michael Smith, a human born on Mars and raised by Martians who comes to Earth in early adulthood; it is through their eyes that humankind is denaturalised.

Heinlein coined “grok” to mean “to drink” in Martian. But, more specifically, it meant to take something in so thoroughly that it becomes a part of you. Grok was later incorporated into English-language dictionaries as a verb, used with object, “to understand thoroughly or intuitively”.

In 1972, then-Chief Editor Rod Cole adopted Grok as the title of the publication; it had been titled Aspect from 1969 to 1971.





Grok has given me a brilliant platform to share my thoughts and opinions on something I’m deeply passionate about and I’m eternally grateful for that. Not only do I get to write about what I love, but I’m always finding new ways to improve my writing practice thanks to a constantly supportive editing team.”

—Daniel Patterson, Art and Film Writer



“Having the opportunity to see a design piece you’ve worked so hard on in the flesh is the best uni memory! The ability to have your work printed before even leaving uni is an experience that is invaluable, and it will really teach you so much about design and your own personal style.”

—Ellysia Burton, Designer



“Writing and editing for Grok has been eye-opening about the creative and managerial world that exists out there for people like myself, who started uni without knowing where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. Now, almost two years after joining Grok, I can say that not only have I gained invaluable experience for any career path I choose, I have also definitely shaken my own expectations of how much joy you can get from being involved in student-led collaborative projects like this one.”

—Luisa Mitchell, Former Deputy-in-Chief Editor



“I joined Grok because I wanted to write about economics. At the moment, economics has a bit of an image problem, partly because many people don’t know what it is; so, I wanted to bridge that gap—I wanted to show students that economics is empowering. I love writing for this magazine, but it’s so much more than that. Grok is the family I never knew I wanted, each writer contributes a unique perspective—there is so much diversity of thought—and being a part of that is privilege.”

—Amber Joy Weir, Former Editor-in-Chief



“I arrived at Grok two years ago, and I’m trapped. They all seem so nice and fun to be around, and they’re able to write endlessly creative, entertaining and informative work. I’m convinced I might one day wake up, like it’s all been a dream, or at least the result of some strange hallucination induced by a funky Main Cafe chicken curry. Someone pinch me.”

—Chris Leopardi, Former Head of Design



“I won’t mince my words: the impending doom of post-graduation made me concerned about the state of my CV, so I joined Grok for the experience and planned to put in a few months at most. But it’s been nearly two years because, not only was I unprepared for the passion I would develop for writing, editing and curating content for students, I was also sucker-punched by the sheer joy I would gain from collaborating with a bunch of groovy students. I will never be able to express enough how grateful I am for everything I have gained from Grok.”

—Jay Anderson, Former Editor-in-Chief