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The Curtin Student Guild has teamed up with Adobe to hold a club-exclusive Digital Storytelling event on Wednesday 19 July from 9am to 4pm at T.L. Robertson Library (Level 7, 105B).

In addition to making this event as informative as possible, a challenge for club committee members to create a two-minute promotional video for their club has been announced, with prizes up for grabs.

Five committee members from each club are encouraged to attend and work together in order to create their promotional video.

The best video will earn the participants five Adobe Creative licenses worth $1300, and a chance for Curtin Marketing to assist their club’s marketing plans. A showcase of all the promotional videos will then be shown on Friday the 21 July from 1pm to 3pm.  

Student Guild Vice President of Activities, Athina Hilman
Image Credit: Curtin Student Guild

According to Guild Vice President of Activities Athina Hilman, this is the first time the Student Guild has run this collaborative event within Curtin University, with their main incentive being to upskill Curtin clubs.

“We wanted to equip clubs with the knowledge to be able to create good content,” Athina says. 

“A lot of clubs use Canva — but the thing is, Canva is very limited and can only do so much. It’s a good program to have, but the industry-leading creative software to use is Adobe.” 

Athina explains how the Faculty of Humanities originally reached out to the Adobe Team to see if they could collaborate.

“Depending on what units they’re doing, some students and staff currently get free access to Adobe for a whole semester, but a lot of people don’t actually know how to use it,” Athina observes.

“We thought it would be a really great idea to reach out to Adobe and see if they would be willing to run workshops to further educate our students and staff on their programs.”

Image Credit: Curtin Student Guild

The Digital Storytelling event will include workshops dedicated to storytelling, video production, as well as using Adobe Express, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Rush and possibly other Adobe programs. 

Not only will the Adobe team be there to guide participants through their software, ABC journalists and current Curtin lecturers Sarah Tallier and Glynn Greensmith will additionally be hosting these workshops.

Sarah Tilleke from ongoing series ‘Australian Survivor’ is also planned to be a special guest at the event, and will be talking about how she utilises Adobe programs for social media.

“I think it’s really important to understand that university isn’t just about studying for and completing your course. It’s also about Curtin’s campus culture, which clubs are a really important part of,” Athina expresses.

“We want to compliment what clubs already offer to their members. If Adobe were to do this for non-students, they would definitely be charging them a lot. Adobe isn’t a cheap program to use, so the fact that this event gives it to students for free is such an incredible opportunity for them.”

Athina emphasises having the Adobe team present at the event can really benefit students and staff, as the in-person assistance could easily be seen as a learning advantage. 

Image Credit: Curtin Student Guild

“At the end of the day, the Student Guild really wants to reward and invest in clubs. We think Curtin clubs are amazing, and we also believe that they’re the reason why the university has such a vibrant campus life,” Athina says.

“And we hope that when we upskill clubs, that doing so will benefit club members both as a committee and individually.”

If the event is a success, the Guild hopes to host more events like this in the semesters to come.