Prove your humanity

The blonde bohemian is back at it again, with a glossy music video to boot. Containing imagery of a sun-bleached lifestyle, surf-bods, and all-time happy-fun-lucky beach vibes, the music video catches the restless, hippy infused, vagabond-like spirit of Xavier Rudd.

It’s rustic and folky and there is a minimalist, stripped quality coming from the instrumentation. Pumped up with the roaring echoes of post-studio production, it’s a paradox of a track that preaches “less-is-more”, yet feels polished and glossy.

It can be disconcerting when a track preaches minimalist values, making out to be an anthem of being free and easy, but if it relaxes the listener in some therapeutic, yogi way, then take my hummus and kale dammit!

But you can’t deny the soul of the track, there is a joy felt emanating from the music. Maybe that’s all you need from a song? Maybe Rudd is telling me to live off the grid in a salty beach house? Maybe I should try veganism? So many questions.

For Rudd, it’s one step further on the muso’s way to becoming an enlightened, musical Buddha. Maybe we can hope for a compilation album with the Dalai Lama next year?

Xavier Rudd will be playing at the Reverb Festival in Victoria Park on Sunday April 15.