Prove your humanity

Bemyself is a slow burner. It combines creamy vocals, dreamy harmonies, and a western inspired percussion to create the auditory equivalent of what it would be like to fly through clouds. This is a track I would recommend to anyone looking for a way to chill out before the start of the oncoming semester.

Parcels are a five-piece out of Bryon Bay, who met in high school but are now based in Germany. Just four years after forming, Parcels have made quite a splash in the international music scene. Signing with Parisian label Maison Kitsuné, Parcels have opened for the likes of Two Door Cinema Club and headlined tours around Europe and America. After hearing them perform at their first gig in Paris, the elusive Daft Punk duo invited the young band to their LA studio where they co-produced the song Overnight—an upbeat dance track, lined with a classic Daft Punk 70‘s riff. This collaboration helped turn this little-known Australian band into an overnight (no pun intended) success.

Bemyself sees Parcels take a softer approach to their sound, showing off their diverse creative abilities. It is a simple song done flawlessly.

On a side note, the bands Instagram page is an aesthetic wonderland of film photography and 70’s fashion. Enjoy.

Parcels’ new single Bemyself is out now.