Prove your humanity

‘Orange is my favourite colour’, croons Isla Imogen accompanied by a jazzy trumpet line.

Orange is a track from Izatang’s latest EP, Citrus. It’s a quirky and eccentric number, matching the band’s personality well.

Izatang is known for their high energy fusion of jazz, funk and indie rock, as well as an unexpected tempo change midway through a song, which works very well for them. The tempo of Orange is choppy and varied, giving an almost chaotic vibe to the song. It’s all over the place yet also put together.

The lyrics feel like you’re listening to the thoughts that rapidly flit around the inside of someone’s head. It’s a puzzling and intriguing track, with playful lyrics about all things orange. Imogen’s soothing and beautiful vocals constantly come back to the line ‘orange is my favourite colour’.

The band also released an accompanying video last week. As you might expect, it depicts shots of a variety of orange-coloured items, including the band dressed in orange. It’s choppy in the way that home-videos usually are, but this makes the clip authentic and pure. The vibrant energy in the video clip represents Izatang’s onstage present down to a T.

It’s a groovy number for a groovy band—lucky they didn’t have to rhyme anything with orange for this track.