Prove your humanity

Art pop singer-songwriter Montaigne is ready to paint the world in a prism of colour with her Eurovision entry track, ‘Technicolour’. Weaving electro-pop with a simple guitar riff and a deep bass reminiscent of fierce 80s pop music, this glittery track takes you on an honest journey of reflection and hope.

Image Credit: Jess Gleeson

The track, wrapped in the artistic flair and stirring vocals that are quintessentially Montaigne, is a monument to our unified survival. Co-written by Dave Hammer, the lyrics grapple with those isolating feelings of uncertainty and frustration, delivering an empowering message of the beauty of working together. Montaigne’s impressive vocals are on full display, starting with a soft, angelic harmony and ending on joyous belting that will linger with you long after the last notes have faded. 

A rising star in her own right, the Sydney-based Artist proves why she deserves to represent Australia on the global stage. ‘Technicolour’ is as special and unique as Montaigne herself, capturing the essence of Eurovision without losing Montaigne’s unique perspective. There is a brilliance to this track that is admirable, a distinctiveness that portrays an individuality that feels revolutionary. 

As a standalone song, Technicolour is the fierce vibe that we are searching for. In the context of Eurovision, Montaigne is sure to make Australia proud. We cannot wait to see how she will perform Technicolour on the global stage, but if it’s anything like her performance at the 2021 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, then it is definitely going to be worth the watch.

You can watch Montaigne performing ‘Technicolour’ live at the Eurovision 2021 below!



Stream the track below!