Prove your humanity

With Fringe all done and dusted for 2021, let’s take a look at one show that left an impact. With a plethora of wonderful acts this year, it is my pleasure, nay, my DUTY to reflect on the weirdest, funniest, and most fascinating act of the season. Crossing all three criteria off my list is comedian Matt Storer’s A Cult For You. This one hour solo comedy act convinced me to cross over to the dark side and adopt Father Hooroo as my spiritual guide and saviour. 

Storer’s performance as Hooroo came following plenty of hype, and the praise he has received is certainly well deserved. Despite the kitschy, school-talent show props and general ridiculousness, Storer’s performance was polished and refined. As Father Hooroo, he handled his potential disciples well, and effortlessly combined comedy, song and monologue. Storer maintained an element of cheekiness and observational humour as Hooroo. He didn’t shy away from audience interaction which gave his disciples ample space to direct the performance. 

Perhaps I am a little biased, since I was selected by Hooroo to be one of the wives to join his cult and bring forth progeny who shall appease the God Father Hooroo serves. But Father Hooroo oozed charisma in a both charming and awkward way, making it impossible to resist his allure. Even with the comically fake beard, I forgot I was watching a Fringe show and not just a suspicious YouTube video that the algorithm thought I’d fancy. 

This show was an hour-long private joke between friends (the kind with crazy characters and random tangents which made me wonder if the performers were okay). But, surprisingly, A Cult For You was the chaos I didn’t know I needed this year. It was the perfect show for any Fringe-goer looking to turn their brain off for an hour and let Father Hooroo mould their minds into that of a loyal disciple. It incited laughter, reflection, and made me never look at Rick Ardern the same way again. 

As Fringe has well and truly departed, it’s important to look back on a show that deserves praise, for what more could you desire in a Fringe show than Father Hooroo and his promise of salvation? 

Image Credit: A Cult For You