Prove your humanity

By Chloe Macri


Passion Pop is an institution of the $5ish wine category and a definite winner in my books. The Fruit Tingle-like wine is perhaps the finest of the Australian Vintage collection. With its highly carbonated fruity blend, the aptly named wine features heady notes of passionfruit, a light floral body and a soft highly sweet flavour. The flamboyant sparkling has a distinct aroma of Kirks Pasito and is perhaps the inspiration behind the ingenious addition of passionfruit. Passion Pop features a slightly crisper finish however it is definitely still a million times sweeter than your ex.

Fragrant and clean with a good bit of finesse for a cheap wine, but perhaps a bit cloying for some, this wine is sure to please any sweet tooth or indeed any novice wine drinker such as myself. Most importantly at 5.6 standard drinks per bottle and a tender price of just $5 a bottle (at discount liquor stores) there are 1.12 standard drinks per dollar spent which is fantastic value for money for any poor uni student. This wine is fresher, lighter and bubblier than a first year on ‘O’ day, and so accordingly, I award this grape drank 4.5/5 whatever tannin is.