Prove your humanity

By Chloe Macri


Warburn Estate’s Gossips Moscato ‘Sweet Lips’ aside from having a promiscuous name is a highly palatable bubbly drop with just the right amount of sweetness. It is an excellent wine for those that typically aren’t all that fond of grape drank. It has a mild musky aroma roughly half as strong as a ‘fad stick’ with subtle hints of peach and fruitiness.

Warburn estate is one of the top ten producers of wine in Australia and gossips is the fastest growing wine under $7 (self-declared) so it comes from good stock.

A quick look on the Dan Murphys website (our saving grace) shows that this drop is indeed very popular with the masses enjoying an average rating 4.7 out of 5, not quite a perfect 5/7 (google it) but pretty damn close.

Smooth a f flavors with a touch of spritz. This drop is like that agreeable friend that’ll do whatever you tell them – a real people pleaser. This drop has a winning formula that will continue to sway the hearts and livers of people for some time to come and as such I give this wine 4/5 agreeable friends.

A quick note this wine has sulphur dioxide in it and as such it may cause an adverse reaction for an unfortunate minority and is more likely to give everyone a bad hangover, so drink responsibly plz.