Prove your humanity

Australian Greens leader, Senator Richard Di Natale believes young voters are getting a raw deal from the government.

“Young people in particular are being screwed over at the moment in Australia; you only need to look at housing, cost of education, support for people when they can’t find work, all of those are being eroded,” said Di Natale while attending a student event for the Curtin Greens Club.

He pointed to the lack of representation in Parliament for young voters and an ailing political system as part of a wider, systemic problem.

“We’ve got a two party system that’s in a state of terminal decline and the sooner we knock it over the better.”

“It’s critical that young people get involved and I’d love to see more young people stand as candidates and be elected to parliament because at the moment it’s an institution that’s run by mostly by angry old white men.” He jokes, “I’m hoping I’m not drifting towards that path.”

The rising problems of housing and education affordability have dogged both Liberal and Labour governments for some years, and graduates entering the job market have faced tough times.

A poll released mid last year showed job advertising had decreased by 7.8% since May 2015, and and recent Bureau of Statistics data showed WA employment at its lowest rate in more than a decade.

Di Natale young people have cause to be angry.

“I’d say you’ve got every reason to feel disenfranchised, unrepresented but there’s only one way to change that, that’s to roll up your sleeves and get involved,” he said. “The sooner we have a broader range of voices in parliament the better”