Prove your humanity

The Greens candidate for Vic Park, Ryan Quinn, is currently completing his PhD in Urban and Regional Planning at Curtin, and while he expects to finish midway through next year, election time means studies have been put on the backburner. “I have had to take some time off from my studies in order to give the campaign the time it needs… Luckily my uni supervisors are supportive of my decision to put my studies on hold whilst I stand up for some of the things that I am passionate about.”

While admitting he was “relatively apathetic towards politics” in his younger years, Ryan said his passion for the environment motivated him to take a stand, and soon there was only one option: to get involved with The Greens. Now, the party’s push for LGBT equality, “meaningful action on climate change” and “sustainable and liveable communities” has him hooked. “The more I learn about the party or their policies, the more I am reminded that I made the right choice in the Greens.”

To Ryan, seeing more young political candidates, particularly in the under 30s demographic, would lead to more diversity, an attribute that in his opinion is the key to democracy. “If you end up with a parliament full of stuffy old men, you will see this reflected in the vision and innovation (or lack of) of the government and opposition. It is about balance and ensuring there is a diverse range of views in parliament that reflect our diverse society.”