Prove your humanity

Jack Rabbit Slims was teleported to the eighties on Thursday evening with Client Liaison bringing plenty of hip thrusting, mic throwing, and mullet shaking action.

Before the Melbournian foursome hit the stage; Luke Million warmed up the audience with plenty of pop synth goodness. More than happy to participate, the crowd moved systematically ‘down and up’ in aerobic dance style fashion to his Arnold tribute. Described by one punter as the ultimate funky dad, Million provided more energy than you would expect from a support.

Million slammed out The Stranger Things theme song on his rainbow lit keytar, magnetising the crowd with his fast moving fingers and boundless sense of rhythm. His hit tune Light & Sound had drinks and body parts flying as the venue started to fill up.

By the time Client Liaison was due to hit the stage the crowd could barely contain their excitement. The bands signature sexy succulents, water coolers, and giant computer were a promise of the nostalgic Australiana to come. Minutes passed: the crowd buzzed patiently.

Sporting a pastel pink suit, large golden earrings, and his infamous mullet, lead singer Monte Morgan sprung to the stage. Opening their Diplomatic Immunity show with Canberra Won’t Be Calling Tonight; electronic mastermind Harvey Miller took control of the decks.

The crowd cheered as Morgan stamped, spun, and landed some impressive jumps. Giving the audience the humorous high energy they craved, Morgan’s high-pitched vocals remained on key despite the vigorous dance moves.

Triple J’s Tom Tilley seized the base and Geordie Miller took Lead Guitar. Tilley’s presence brought perhaps more excitement than Morgan himself, however he adopted the same straight-faced determination of the other band members. While the bands seriousness through cringe-worthy co-ordination is admirable, it does act as a brick wall for audience engagement.

Morgan acknowledged the original custodians of the land to much applause, temporarily ditching the mic for a didgeridoo. As the crowd begged for more didgeridoo action the band continued to power through the set; Miller leaving the decks only when he performed the robot with his oversized spectacles and wireless telephone.

Wild Life called for a wardrobe change, Morgan showing off his lanky bare chest, clothed in nothing but gold pants, an Egyptian style neckpiece, and shades. If you thought the energy couldn’t get anymore electric, the guitarists left the stage to collect slabs of VB to throw to the dancing crowd.

Purposeful movements and clean sounds continued with old favourite Pretty Lovers. The unmistakable rift of Off White Limousine was welcomed with applause and the crowd began to belt out the lyrics as Morgan took an extraordinary stage slide.

As they exited the stage everyone was left wanting a bit more love. Begging for an encore, the band returned for a final crowd pleaser, A World Of Our Love. Providing only one song on their return there was a hint of disappointment in the air. Client Liaison’s energy is undoubtedly infectious, hypnotizing crowds with their nostalgic tunes; it is never easy to return to reality.