Prove your humanity

After six years on the down low, PEZ is back baby.

After suffering through years of mental illness, PEZ released Don’t Look Down last November and has hit the road to bless our ears with hard-hitting Aussie rap once again.

Jack Rabbit Slims held squads of passionate fans bearing mullets and Southern Cross tattoos, but there couldn’t have been a more perfect scene for an intimate night to witness the unforgettable rapper.

The Melbourne MC who featured 360, Paul Dempsey and Paul Kelly on his latest record, brought a sensitive edge to his live performance, thanking fans for what he has achieved and for backing him over his hiatus. The majority of the concert was filled with new tunes exhibiting his punchy, personal and high paced lyrics that brought PEZ into the limelight back in ’07, leaving some to question why more classics weren’t performed in front of such a loyal fan base.

However his blowout single The Festival Song did not disappoint fans as everybody threw their hands up in nostalgia. PEZ even managed to pull off verses recorded by 360 and Hailey Cramer giving the audience the full summer-days experience.

PEZ was joined by Coin Banks for a fully improvised freestyle rap over the unmistakable King Kunta beat. Each rapper had their own verse, before passing to the next, and each formed their own story with individual styles, lyrics and patterns. The crowd was left bewildered by the raw talent and uniqueness of each rapper, especially over one of King Kendrick’s greatest tunes.

Everyone got their slice of PEZ on Saturday night, because he definitely didn’t shy away from audience interaction. He committed to a full belly-flop stage-dive into a pit of excited fans, pumped up mega-fans with high fives and stuck around after for a chat and to take photos – only hours before heading for his plane home.

It was great to see  an icon of Aussie hip-hop regain enthusiasm for a talent that so many appreciate. The concert came across as a sincere acknowledgement that PEZ is ready to take on the rap game again, and not as an excuse to tour once more. Fans recognized the emotion instilled throughout his lyrics and actions across the night and couldn’t have been more thankful.