Prove your humanity

Tucked away in a corner of Kwinana, the Koorliny Art Centre is putting on some spectacular shows. Their performance of Roald Dahl’s The Witches went above and beyond, as they added their own distinctive stylistic twists to the original stage adaption by David Wood. From comical music choices to interactive characters, Koorliny made this classic story their own.

The visual aspects of the production were outstanding, with revolving sets and expert lighting designs that drew the audience into scenes. With a cast of varying experience, ranging from newcomers to academy trained individuals, each character, from the lead to the chorus members, was brought to life in a humorous and believable manner. Rudi Palmela’s performance as Bruno was especially entertaining.

The layers of complexity, from the wielding of impressive mice puppets to the subtle comedic touches in every backdrop, gave the production a lively energy and highlighted its playful nature.

The audience found themselves erupting in hysterics in response to scenes like the Grand High Witch’s entrance to the tune of Darth Vader’s Imperial March or the grandmother breaking out in an unexpected dance sequence. The comedy, like the sets, was simplistic yet highly effective, appealing to the range of ages in the audience, with some humour targeted specifically towards the adult viewers.

The interactive and energetic nature of Koorliny’s production made it an enjoyable experience, as it brought Roald Dahl’s classic tale to life in a nostalgic yet refreshing way that illustrated the power of community theatre.

The Witches is running at Koorliny Art Centre until May 27