Prove your humanity

Sydney duo PLGRMS opened the night with their brooding electro tunes, followed by indie-electronica act Mammals who got the crowd in the mood for what was to come. Capitol, the complete dive that it is most Saturday nights was transformed into a place of ecstasy as soon as electro-folk artist Vera Blue stepped on stage for the Perth leg of her Private tour.

“There’s my girl,” yelled a fan in the crowd, just one of many hypnotised by Vera’s beauty and talent, who appeared particularly angelic that night. Kicking off with an unreleased song, First Week, which will hopefully feature on her debut album scheduled for later this year, she immediately struck the audience with the sheer power of her voice. Pulsating white strobes almost to the point of blindness with energetic flicks of the artist’s fiery red hair during Fingertips added to the otherworldly performance.

The new music Vera chose to play on Saturday night would suggest she is taking a primarily electronica route with her new album, but Cover Me stayed true to her folk beginning. The short track was performed alone with an acoustic guitar, with a halo-like spotlight beaming down on her. Luckily the room was dark enough so the person next to you couldn’t see you gently weeping.

Crowd interaction was at a high with a cover of MGMT’s Kids. With every song Vera covers she never fails to make it something unique and ethereal.

“Vera! Vera! Vera!” the crowd shouted when she announced she would be playing a brand-new song, Mended, revealed to be her next single. Throwing herself around the stage passionately while singing, “What am I supposed to do when most of me still belongs to you”, and finishing the song crouched down on the floor, she proved she’s not just an artist but a performer as well.

Settle from the artist’s Fingertips EP was a standout, showcasing the singer’s incredible vocal command and ability to sing at head-spinning octaves.

Fans had been begging for new material from Vera since the release of her latest single Private, and that’s exactly what they got. The fourth unreleased track of the night titled Regular Touch, with its upbeat, electro-pop vibe, was a hit with the crowd.

Vera Blue never fails to consume her audience for the entirety of her set. After a humble and gracious thank you, she ended the night with crowd favourite Hold. As she left the stage, the audience came out of the trance-like state she had induced for the past hour and snapped back to reality.

Her intoxicating sound is undoubtedly better live than it is on recording, which says a lot for the artist’s indisputable talent. If you want impossible vocals, impassioned lyrics, and a hypnotic performance every time, get yourself to a Vera Blue gig.