Prove your humanity

Set to stop by Perth as supports for Two Door Cinema Club’s Australian tour at Metro City, Charlotte Saxon chatted with front-man, and lead guitarist, Sean Caskey on the band’s influences, a crazy concert in the Philippines and drug-themed collaborations.


I was first introduced to Last Dinosaurs as a band when you guys featured in an episode of the TV show SLiDE back in 2011. What was that like? How have things changed for the group since then?

Felt like a normal day playing a random day-time gig in a public laundromat! We do that all the time still so nothing has changed I guess.

Who are the band’s main musical influences?

Soundcloud bedroom bands from the USA. That’s what I like to draw inspiration from at least. I just love finding the under-produced hidden gems out there, they seem to have such an honest and raw quality to them. Catchy stuff that makes you think.

What has been your favourite performance during your time as a band?

Maybe the most memorable was playing in Manila to a crowd of super excited fans. It was out of control to the point of each of us needing several security guards to get us on stage. People just literally wanted a piece of us, a strand of hair or a small article of clothing. They were great though, just giving us all the love they had to give.

Has there been a performance or artist that made you all want to pursue music as a career?

Watching The Strokes way back in the day when they played at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre really made me want to play guitar. But I never really thought about music as a career, we just kept playing shows and doing tours and making songs.

You’re touring with Two Door Cinema Club next month, what can we expect from that? Have you guys been fans of them before organising the tour?

We met them at a Splendour before but the biggest connection there would be that we got our first album mixed by their producer Eliot James. He’s a seriously good producer, and awesome mixer. Probably going to be working with him again soon too.

Do you have any dream collaborations or any collaborations in the process?

I’ve written a song with Luke Million which I hope will be a single for either of us sometime soon. He sent me a couple of funky little loops and I turned them into a slow disco song about methylenedioxymethamphetamine of course.

What can fans expect to see from the band for the rest of the year?  You guy haven’t released any music in a while, can we hope to get something new there?

We went to Japan to record a few songs and are just finishing recording the rest of the tracks for album three right now. This time the songs will be 50/50 between my brother and I since he has started to write a lot of songs. I don’t know if everyone will realise it’s not me singing on some of the songs but the hardcore fans are gonna find it interesting hearing his stuff too.


See Last Dinosaurs support Two Door Cinema Club at Metro City Wednesday, July 13.