Prove your humanity

Coma Land is amazing. No, honestly, you need to go and see it.

Before going to see Coma Land I had never watched any local theatre in Perth, and baby oh baby if I can say anything about this freaking amazing piece of performance art with absolute certainty it is that the Black Swan State Theatre Company have just earned themselves one slightly overenthusiastic fan girl.

Coma Land tells the story of Boon (Kirsty Marillier), an extremely intelligent and fierce young girl who ‘wakes up’ to find herself trapped in a foreign land. Here she meets Penguin (Morgan Owen) who explains that Boon is there because she is in a coma and she can only leave when she finds her ‘thing’. Throughout her journey in coma land Boon is also accompanied by Penguin’s Dad (Humphrey Bower), Jinny (Amy Mathews) and Cola (Ben Sutton)—who is a panda.

Each of the five characters in Coma Land plays a uniquely important role in the story and each bring a different emotional element to the stage. Coma Land is exceptionally well written and performed; the use of witty and unexpected humour in presenting some hard to swallow topics by playwright and director Will O’Mahony will have you deep in conversation well after you leave the theatre. Coma Land is guaranteed to impress even the slightly less than eager viewer—that poor boyfriend/girlfriend who was ‘dragged’ along to this weird artsy thing, I’m talking about you.

Coma Land marks the Black Swan State Theatre Company debut for four of the five cast members, but as an audience member you would never guess. The talent displayed on stage by the entire cast is awesome, you’ll be wrapped up in a trance during the entire performance and then be left feeling a little sorry for your untalented self at the end of it all.

So, here’s my advice folks: get your broke student asses to the Studio Underground and support your local theatre. I know you think it’s easier to go to the cinema and watch the latest superhero movie instead, but I guarantee you won’t walk away with the same sense of amazement. The things that these crazy talented artists can do with a few lights, sound effects and some make-believe is inspiring. Watching special effects on-screen is one thing, but being able to feel the excitement and anticipation in an audience captivated by the magic on stage is on a whole other playing field.

Coma Land is on right now at the Studio Underground, but only until August 6. So get a gorgeous date, get dressed up and make a night of it ladies and gents. Tickets are available through Ticketek, and it won’t cost you any more than a night at your local cinema, so you have no excuses.

P.S. For future reference, there is generally free wine (like actual wine, not the goon I know you’re all drinking) and nibbles at premieres. Some incentive, hey?