Prove your humanity

Recently just releasing latest single The Fear last month, local artist Georgia Reed has much to look forward to. Talking with GROK on her latest single, the inspirations behind it and the excitement of touring the East Coast for the first time, Reed is eager to make 2017 her year.

What have you been up to since your last gig?

I have just been writing heaps. I went back into the studio and recorded about four songs, then in the end the one that I wrote last minute ended being the one I liked the most and the one I was really keen on taking down I liked the least. It is always fun to see what happens down there and that song ended up being The Fear. I was very happy with what I got out of it and then I started planning this tour – so I am very excited to get going with that as well.

When you’re in the studio are you finding out what works and what doesn’t?

Not really. I pretty much know what I want and the songs are already written and put together when I bring them in. Mainly working with James [Newhouse] I think that he will play around a lot with the drum parts and we will mess around with the guitar parts – mainly the melodic parts with the instruments, not so much the melody or the vocals or anything. It’s fun to muck around to find out what works.

What was the main inspiration behind The Fear?

I guess I was inspired by the feeling of what the music gave me when I wrote the music part and I decided I definitely wanted to write about myself. It just felt really deep, just what I really wanted to write. Something personal about myself, something maybe a little sad because I got that sad feeling of the music – I just wrote about feeling like I never fit in everywhere through growing up. I have always had that feeling that I didn’t belong or I just didn’t fit in with everyone else.

The music video does include a lot of childhood footage and you do come from a musical family – did family help alleviate that feeling of a lack of belonging?

I think it’s good that my family is musical as well because that helps me fit in at home a lot and have people who understand my music and everything. I think I just didn’t have the best time as a young girl trying to grow up. You know when you’re a teenager and want to find a group of friends that are really supportive of you, I think I didn’t really find myself or who I was either until I left high school and went to WAAPA. That’s when I met people who were like me and I realised that music was what I really wanted to do, who I was – I felt like I belonged somewhere for the first time.

Do you think music has played a heavy role into who you are today?

Definitely – I would say music is my home and when I was really young I was treating it as a hobby because it was like a person I hadn’t met yet. It was this idea for something that seemed really far away. I remember sitting in primary school, down in the classroom and I remember thinking I want to be a singer, I want to play shows and it just seemed like a completely different or alternative universe.

It just didn’t seem like something that would be realistically be possible for me at that moment and I think I always thought that I would have to go and get a job and go to university and study. I just never thought of taking it seriously until I was thrown into that direction and my parents said that I should go and do WAAPA.

When I did that I was like ‘oh wow, this is where I belong’ that’s when I realised and I think that was when I realised who I am as well.

The track does feel like an illustration of your musical journey – how do you feel that has played out for you?

I feel that I have come very far. I always think when I release something and I look back to before I released it, I always think if you had told me what’s happened now I wouldn’t have believed it because there have been so many amazing things that have happened. From shows I have played, to songs being posted on sites and getting played on the radio for the first time. It’s all just blown me away. There is always something I am really shocked by, every time I release something it just such a wow moment when it happens.

Do you think this year you are going to ‘go hard’ with the music?

Definitely – I definitely want to push myself write even more as well. I’ll obviously be doing more shows since I am going on tour as well, which I am really excited to do.  I really want to start recording more and more and more rather than recording a bunch, going down into the studio. I just want to take my music in as it comes because I think with the fear, when I took it down it was so fresh. I think was very valuable to the song and something that really worked well for me. So would definitely like to explore doing more of that as well.

The fact you’re doing an East Coast tour as well – that is a major step in your musical career. Is that the first time you have toured as musician in that capacity before?

I have never played in a different state. I think I busked underneath a bridge in Berlin with a different busker but honestly I have never played a show in a different state.

Are you quite nervous? How do you think you will cope with it?

I think I’ll be nervous once I’m there, but I’ll be cool when I get there. Then I’ll freak out, I always get nervous at original shows, always.

Georgia Reed’s latest single ‘The Fear’ is out now