Prove your humanity

Grok B-sides is a series where GROK ask’s the monthly artist what five tracks they are digging right now. Georgia Reed found time to tell what she is digging at the moment, here it is –

Cherry – Lana Del Rey

I think this song could be the soundtrack to your life when you’re feeling sad or down.

In a way it’s one of those songs where you think, shit this is cool, I wish I wrote this.

Precious – British India

Someone once told me that the whole point of making music is to make people feel something. Every one of these songs makes me feel something. For this one, there’s a “I almost had it” feeling, a reminiscing kind of feeling, a kind of frustration through the song. I love where the bridge goes and the intensity of the last chorus.

I’m Not Made By Design – Nothing But Thieves

From the first line in this song, you are completely engaged. It takes you somewhere and you can’t think about anything but the music. The chorus is HUGE. It’s my favourite song out at the moment, I play it over and over in my car every day. It makes me itch to be on stage.

Queen – Flint Eastwood

This song is so badass. It empowers you and fills you with confidence, like you can do anything. I always switch it on when something good happens, or when I need to feel like I can get through anything. Truly one of my favourites.

Sorry – Nothing But Thieves

I really love this band. Conor’s voice is so captivating and this song is just perfect no matter what you are feeling when you are listening to it. It’s such a feel-good song and I can’t help but sing along every time I put it on. It’s like an anthem for everyone who listens to it.