Prove your humanity

Make your way down to South Perth and spend an evening in the cosy, quirky theatre of the Old Mill. I’ve never seen any local theatre acts, but after sitting back and laughing along with these brilliant actors on a Friday night, I’m certainly watching out for the next Serial Productions creation.

Wife After Death urges you to wonder if you do, in fact, really know your closest friends. Have you ever thought about what kinds of secrets they might be hiding?

Directed by Robert Warner, it tells the story of Harvey Barrett (Andrew Govey), a man who’s just lost his best friend, a successful television comedian, Dave Thursby. Friends and family gather at the funeral Dave’s wife, Laura (Anna Head), has organised. As act one unfolds, they soon discover that they know less about him then they thought. Act Two is set three weeks later, for the spreading of Dave’s ashes. More truths and revelations are unveiled causing tempers, and ashes, to fly.

The six members of this talented cast includes Vi Barrett (Jacqui Warner), a strong character who constantly puts up with Harvey’s comedic sarcasm and alcoholism. Kevin Prewitt (Rodney Van Groningen), my personal favourite, is unable to cope with the truth of who Dave really was and deals with it in quite a hilarious way. Last but not least, there is Jane Prewitt (Sue Meikle) who also puts on a show, caught up in a controversy that develops throughout the play.

Who is Kay (Sandra Sando), the mystery mourner? What did Dave keep unknown all this time? What happens to those secrets that never escaped the lips of the dead?

Is your curiosity getting the better of you?

Brought to Perth by Serial Productions, it’s truly wonderful how the cast and crew can sweep the audience away for the night with a simple stage set, and awesome acting that draws you into the plot. For me, it was the impressive ability of the actors to deliver such humour and display raw emotion, that made my experience of this play worthwhile.

This British comedy is written by playwright Eric Chappell, one of the best writers of comedy in Britain. Eric has written over 200 television comedy scripts and more than 20 stage plays which are performed worldwide, so you know you’ll be laughing the night away when watching one of his world-class plays.

If you want to catch this slightly irreverent but hilarious cast, hurry, because Wife After Death isn’t sticking around for very long—make yourself available and go support some local artistry.


Wife After Death is running until September 9.