Prove your humanity

Forever Crazy is Parisian cabaret company, Crazy Horse Paris’ debut tour down under, and oh my, they surely did not disappoint.

Lads, get ready for some spectacular, drool-worthy entertainment. Ladies, be ready to feel fucking girl-power inspired—this is Forever Crazy.

I have been fortunate enough to have visited cabaret clubs in Paris in the past, and I can assure you, this beautiful display of female grace and passion is absolutely on par with any other cabaret show I have personally had the pleasure of watching.

Forever Crazy is strictly an 18-and-over event, due to nudity in the performances. However, for anyone concerned that nude dancing won’t be up their ally, or for those who think that nude dancing is all that you’re in for, I assure you, cabaret dancing is so much more than that. The women of Crazy Horse Paris are all classically trained dancers who attentively perform their seductive dances with beautiful elegance, precision and passion.

The performance itself was spectacular, both the cabaret dancers and the hilarious and talented popping-style guest dancer, Robert Muraine—a.k.a Mr. Fantastic—were, well, fantastic! Forever Crazy is unlike any other entertainment here in Australia and that rare experience in itself makes it worth the watch. The venue however, was deplorable.

Crown Perth is a damn good venue, don’t get me wrong. I have seen countless musical and theatre productions at their theatre, each of which were spectacular productions, whose powerful performances managed to fill the space with ease. But this is where they have gone wrong with the presentation of Forever Crazy. Crazy Horse Paris have created this show with authenticity, thus creating a show that would normally be suited for a small to medium sized, intimate venue, and consequently taking up a very small portion of the existing stage. If you have ever visited the Crown Theatre in Perth, you will know that ‘intimate’ is probably the last word that one would use to describe the space.

While it was evident that the seating arrangements had been altered to suit the traditional cabaret club setting to an extent, with a large portion of the stalls closest to the stage converted to cabaret-style table seating, it was simply not enough to provide the entire audience with a genuinely good viewing experience. With the majority of the audience seated quite a distance from the stage, and the performance space being so small, it made the performance difficult to see. The seats toward the back of the theatre themselves, are also horrible. Anyone who isn’t child sized will practically be sitting on the fucking armrests, rather than in the seat. Get your shit together Crown.

With this in mind, while I would truly recommend everyone go and see this marvellous production, I also believe this is one of those occasions where spending a little extra on your ticket to ensure that you get a good seat, close to the action, will make all the difference. If you’re going to watch a Parisian cabaret, do like the Parisian’s do—around a crimson-clad, round table with some champagne in hand.

So again, to all of the women out there, I cannot urge you enough to go ahead and book a ticket for Forever Crazy. If you have never experienced the cabaret before, I assure you, you’ll be amazed and inspired by the talent and sophistication of the dancers. To the boys, I’m sure I don’t have to sell this one to you—glamorous topless dancers are sure to call to you like Sirens.


Forever Crazy is running until September 23.