Prove your humanity

Busy hitting up the studio and launching latest single Stay on the first day of spring – Grok’s September artist of the month Young Robin were busy gearing for their launch at Badlands on Saturday. Guitarist Ben Teune found time to chat about the single launch and being re-invited to play at rock comp the band had previously won.

What have you guys been up to since the last time GROK caught up with you?

We have been doing a lot of writing – getting together, a lot of jamming. We have been playing a few gigs and I think since then we have released our newest single Stay. That came out about ten days ago. We have been prepping for a big launch party on Saturday – basically getting some more music out there.

You guys actually played at the Gozzy Rock festival recently and had actually won the competition 1 year prior – how does it feel being invited back as a band?

It was cool, all the other bands were there competing. Us, Young Robin and Raksha, a couple of past winners – there were a lot of people there. It was cool to be invited back to play it again, we had a lot of fun. The rock competition has a huge history behind it; Tame Impala won it ages ago, a massive band. It’s a privilege to be part of that.

I’ve noticed the same acts you played at Gozzy are also supporting at your launch – would you say it’s a close knit scene?

I’d say a little bit. We’ve been gigging around for a few years now – we have got to know quite a few bands. When we’re at gigs we tend to get along with other bands and make friends. We do a little bit of community and think another band is awesome and decide to put them on a gig we’re playing. We play with a lot of the same bands because we like each other, we just play gigs together. There is a sense of community with all that.

Are you guys pumped for the single launch?

It’s been a long time coming for this song – we recorded it a while ago. We wrote it ages ago, we finally got it down. We haven’t launched any music in about a year – so we’re looking forward to putting on a show and we have 7 bands lined up so it should be a real fun night.  We’ve done a little mini-fest because we have so many bands.

Latest single Stay has that unique Young Robin feel to it – is that a consistent aspect that comes about naturally for the band?

I wouldn’t say its intentional – most of our songs are pretty organic in the way they’re written. We don’t have a main writer, we all just get together and whatever comes out and we like it and stick with it generally comes out in that kind of vibe. It is what comes out of us, we have no intention of going for a specific sound per se.

So looking forward from the single launch – what is the band looking forward to?

We are going to be recording for a new EP. The main thing on the horizon is getting that out and hopefully launching that. We are aiming for the first half of next year, so after this launch it’ll be a big build up for that. That’ll be the next big thing.

Is the music aspect of your lives starting to become more serious for you guys?

We do try and treat is another job, in that we always make time for it. We make it a priority, it is hard to squeeze it in because at this stage we aren’t making much money from it so it gets difficult, but we do take it seriously and it gets easier as we gig a bit more to be able to take it seriously. But it is something we prioritise for ourselves and each other.

Do you think guitar bands still have a lot to offer as they enter the fold?

I don’t think pop music is wrong; you make music no matter how you do it. Guitar bands, there will always be a place for them I think. People will always enjoy being able to see people on stage especially live, actually playing their instruments and having fun with it. At the end of the day a lot of people still have fun themselves just getting together, playing guitars and playing instruments together – I think there will always be people who have a heart for that kind of thing.