Prove your humanity

The popular Facebook page, Confessions at Curtin, is being used as a platform for Illuminate’s campaign for the Guild Elections.

The page is run by Illuminate’s current Health Sciences Faculty Representative and General Secretary-elect Dylan Heywood, who is also managing the on-going Illuminate political campaign.

Heywood uses the page to promote Illuminate and post negative material about its political opponent: Left Action.

On the first day of Student Guild Elections, the Confessions at Curtin Facebook page shared a post from Illuminate urging students to vote for them.

Since then, the page has also shared half a dozen anonymous confessions, supposedly from Curtin students with opinions skewed against Left Action.

The incoming General Secretary did not disclose his connection to the page or to Illuminate on the page’s About section, but he insists it is not a secret.

“If you look hard enough. I don’t particularly try and make it a secret that I run Confessions At Curtin. I do post an UberEats code up there occasionally,” he told Grok on the second day of the Student Guild Elections.

“I don’t think it is particularly anonymous. I don’t try and conceal my identity. I am not tagging every single post as ‘made by Dylan Heywood’. If you dig deep, like, if you click on the photo section of Confessions at Curtin, there will be my name popping up.”

Guild President Liam O’Neill, who was elected unopposed, said Heywood does not hide the fact that he runs the Facebook page.

Heywood denied that there were any ethical concerns with him running the page – with more than 30,000 followers – while standing for the guild.

“As far as whether it is ethical or not, as an elected representative, I have to do the best I can in every situation to make sure people can make the best choice for the people who represent them,” Heywood said.

“At the end of the day that page is something I’ve put many hours into over the last couple of years, to try and give students a more entertaining Curtin experience.”