Prove your humanity

Grok B-sides is a series where GROK ask’s the monthly artist what five tracks they are digging right now. Young Robin members Jed Begho, Daniel Mulch, Jarred Osborne, Ben Teune and Hamish Graham found time to tell what tracks they are digging right now, here it is –

Provider – Frank Ocean

“I’m a big fan of Frank Ocean and one of the reasons why I am such a big fan is because of how unpredictable and unique his sound is. I feel like this song really exemplifies that compared to his previous work. Coupled with the use of ambient instrumentation and a simple beat that compliments his stylish cadence, this makes this song one of my favourites to listen to right now.” – Jed

LIT – Polyphia

“Love this song because it is a perfect example of how you can take two completely different genres of music and combine them to make something really fresh and unique. It mixes the technical instrumentals of metal with pop sensible melodies and some EDM influence on production.” – Hamish

29 – Run River North

“This song has no shortage of explosive energy and catchy melody. It’s one of the few songs that can take me back to memories of summer and the antics with my friends and family. Priceless recall and catchy sing along without fail every time!” – Daniel

way it goes – Hippo Campus

“Only in the last couple of weeks have I started getting into this band and this song has been trapped in my head the whole time. I admire how simple yet catchy it is. No mucking around, just verse-chorus and lets get on with it! Always get pulled into a wave of positive vibes with this tune.” – Ben

Prevention – DIY Rainclouds

“I saw these guys recently at The Rosemount after hearing so much about them, and I’m glad I did. Perfect blend of shoegaze/alt-rock. This was the song they opened their set with and I’ve been listening to it ever since.” – Jarred