Prove your humanity

The West Australian Ballet’s adaptation of Peter Pan was utterly spectacular. Their performance at His Majesty’s Theatre with the West Australian Philharmonic Orchestra reinvigorated the adventures of the boy who wouldn’t grow up.

The production preserved the enduring narrative of three darling children who embark on an incredible journey to Neverland with the mischievous Peter Pan, and the familiarity of this tale made for a leisurely viewing that was thoroughly enjoyable.

The lighting, sets and costumes were astounding, and contributed to a fantastically immersive and magical evening. This, coupled with the orchestra’s exquisite compositions and the marvellous choreography of Russell Kerr, made for a thoroughly dazzling experience.

All of the ballet dancers were phenomenal, and their abilities are difficult to conceive as they robustly leapt across the stage in one instance and intensely poised in another. But Polly Hilton, who portrayed Tiger Lily, was exceptional—during her solo she was simultaneously powerful and measured—and the duet between Peter (Stefano Russiello) and his Shadow (Alessio Scognamiglio) was remarkable. It was also endearing to watch the beloved characters of Peter Pan dancing in more conventional ways during the ballet performance—which included  boogieing and fist-pumping.

Carina Roberts danced the part of Tinkerbell, and her portrayal of the fiery fairy was brilliant and amusing. Matthew Lehmann and Adam Alzaim as Captain Cook and Smee respectively were similarly comically entertaining and also contributed to the audiences’ audible laughter. These dancers’ performances were a part of a faultlessly conceived production that garnered a jovial response from the crowd—often, much of the humour was dependent on many components aligning simultaneously, and it is impressive that a mistake wasn’t made by any of the many individuals involved in the production.

The adaptation of this classic narrative was exceptional, and the artistic interpretation of parts of the tale—like the Darling children’s flight from London to Neverland—was enchanting.Peter Pan was entertaining from the moment it began until the moment it ended—and into the curtain call too, where Peter and Hook’s feud continued, much to the audiences’ delight.

The West Australian Ballet has achieved something special in Peter Pan, and there simply aren’t enough adjectives to positively describe the experience.

So, join Peter, Tinkerbell, and the lost boys and girls on their incredible adventure. It’s the second star on the right and straight on ‘til morning—or His Majesty’s Theatre until December 10.