Prove your humanity

Chicago Indie Rock outfit The Orwells embraced us on the western shores during their Australian tour of matured album, Terrible Human Beings. Three years in the making, the bands fan-fiction story writing is prominent in this album, delivering us a performance about make-believe Cartel stories, as a dark escape from their mundane suburban living.

A restless 70 minute performance, much to the disgust of the common club-goers queuing outside, the band treated the intimate Perth crowd to some much needed good ol’ dark suburban dreaming.

The Orwells kicked off the energetic evening with Black Francis, which set the tone of the crowd’s engagement, fun and forceful, yet mindful, followed by some old favourites from Disgraceland, the group’s formidable chart topping record, and Remember When, the high school cherry. An estranged persona from front man Mario Cuomo beautifully summed up the ominous dark undertones of the ideas featured in many of their latest songs. Leaving arguably the best songs to last, the crowd lifted when Buddy thrashed to the rhythm of the mosh, followed closely came crowd favourite Who Need’s you which had the mosh gasping for fresh air.

A rare sighting of an international indie rock outfit in Northbridge was certainly refreshing in a weekend fuelled with much Listen Out coverage. Overall, The Orwell’s carried out their grotesque vibe on stage and stayed true to the theme of their album, which created quite a theatrical display of punk affection shared by their audience.