Prove your humanity

Fresh in name, but not in skill. Newly minted band Sad Hour’s latest (and first) release is single Ex-Lover and its an absolute cracker. Whether its the dirty, grungy guitars or lead vocalist Sean’s emotively British vocal, its a band that adds a crisp new flavour to the teeming indie rock scene of Perth. 

Wholesome from the beginning, its a pleasant track throughout its entire three-and-a-half minute run. Opening with a brief tease of drum sticks and crashing straight into the grunge-tinged rhythm guitar, the verse treads lightly as Sean’s vocals are punctuated with a lilting guitar riff that gently moves the verse forward.

With the chorus undeniably pulling the emotional punches, the chorus is bit like going on a midnight emotional binge-eat, only you’re moshing in front of the fridge and tearing apart that sandwich in a horrific frenzy. It’s basically a little bit sad, but has enough rock kick to lift you up and get carried away by its rhythms.

Its a great start to a brand new local band. With the first track already exerting a catchy, confident style and a little tease of what Sad Hour are capable of – its tentative to think what they have next in store.

Sad Hour – Ex-Lover: