Prove your humanity

Here it is! The first of GROK’s Beat of the Week series, a segment where every week we will be featuring and giving that special love to a single or album that is giving us our undivided attention. This week it’s the funked out, lo-fi qualities of CAMARANO’s Mortal Man

CAMARANO is a local muso who is adept at driving forward audible dreamscapes with his wispy vocals. With minimalistic electronic production infused with the meandering riffs of dulcet guitars, his tracks provide that cheeky synth pleasure.

Mortal Man is no exception, where the vocals of CAMARANO preach out chilled statements, lo-fi beats putting you into an induced form of lethargy, the idea of a music-coma starts to become very real.

It’s a track that is minimalist at heart, and it’s that ethos that serves as the pleasurable backbone of the single. The hook lyric ‘just a mortal man’ gives off an unapologetic observation of the status quo, really selling the apathetic, relaxed vibe of the track.

Towards the close of the track, you are left in a sea of synth, reverbed vocals and pulsating chords trying to pull the ears under. Maybe CAMARANO had the nefarious plan of pulling the entire Perth population under a giant doona, we shall never know.

It’s DIY, minimalist and there is more where that came from. If you’re looking for a new Perth artist to check out this week, do give CAMARANO a listen. Chilled out EDM beats and visually interesting album artwork – whats not to love!

Camarano will be playing his ‘Somebody Else’ EP Launch at The Odd Fellow April 21.