Prove your humanity

For the love of prescription drugs! This Beat of the Week is bound to get you all dizzied up the way only Nurofen and nasal spray could. If it’s a corporate advertisement, then its got to be the smartest way a discount chemist has managed to get to mind and hearts of those who fall outside of their 0ver-65’s target consumer market.

But it’s a love letter to Gregg’s Discount Chemist from local folk-artist Carla Geneve. It’s bright, catchy and captures the frivolities of youthful longing – as well as buying medicine. Name dropping pseudoephedrine and the old night tablet, pharmacy students are going to appreciate this track.

It’s another great outing from Geneve, who’s observational songwriting style gives Greg’s Discount Chemist a warm, almost welcome quality. There is a personifying vibe to Geneve’s music, where her words wrap you into a story weaved by casual observation and emotional desire, the angsts of being over 20 and a certain nostalgia.

If you’re ill, or your immune system has body slammed you like John Cena before he starred in terrible teenage sex movies (Cockblockers), then this track is certain to brighten your day as you fumble for that snot-stained prescription paper.

Hyper-local and hyper-nostalgia, Geneve has molded this folky-rock ballad to her whim, taking us on a pleasant ride down Fitzgerald Street to the Chemist we know and love, Gregg’s Discount Chemist. Have a listen below, stay tuned for the interview!

Carla Geneves latest single ‘Gregg’s Discount Chemist’ is out now.