Prove your humanity

The 2018 Durex Great Aussie Sex Survey was recently released, revealing some of Australia’s sexiest habits.

The average Australian gets down and dirty twice a week according to the survey, with nine out of ten people claiming to be happy with their sex lives.

Durex commissioned an independent study to survey 1000 sexually active Australians, aged 16 and above, revealing a few worrying facts.

According to the survey, 52 per cent of Australians do not use contraception.

Fifty-two per cent!

One-in-five Australians are not sure if they have a sexually transmitted infection, because they have never been tested.

Out of the people tested who had contracted an STI, 75 per cent did not expect the person they got the disease from to be a carrier.

At 52 per cent, chlamydia was the most common STI found. It is both preventable and treatable, but if left undetected it can cause infertility in men and women.

Another alarming statistic found that one in ten people with an STI kept it from their partner. On a side note: it is not cool to do this, it is always best to fess up and be honest. C’mon guys.

For those of you not wrapping it up when you should: 93 per cent of Australians believe you can still have fun sex and protect against unwanted pregnancy and STIs.

So why is it almost a third of singles—30 per cent—tend not to bring condoms on a date?

Participants reported not wanting to seem “too presumptuous”, and 58 per cent cited a fear of “ruining the moment” as the reason for not putting on a condom.

Durex Sexologist Juliet Allen said clear communication in the bedroom is key:

“Being open, honest and authentic before, during and after sex is essential.

“This includes having healthy conversations about STIs and the use of condoms.

“Yes, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but there’s nothing sexier than an individual who can confidently communicate what they need and desire to feel safe and protected during sex.”

It only takes a 10-minute appointment at your doctor’s office to pee in a cup and get a blood test to make sure you’re STI-free, so don’t be negligent with your health or your bed buddy’s.

Australia has spoken: you can still have fun while being protected. So, go out and have as much or as little safe sex as you like.

Ya filthy animals.