Prove your humanity

Perth alt-rock band Verge Collection kicked off their tour for their debut album, Flaneur, at Jack Rabbit Slims last Saturday. 

Slims went from a practically empty dance floor with a few people bopping their heads and tapping their feet to an area full of people squashed so tightly against each other in a matter of seconds when Verge Collection took to the stage. The crowd was hyped up with energy and ready to go. My favourite bulk refuge boys kicked off their set with a few older tunes, Class of ’09 and Feel Bad Songs, that got the crowd dancing and singing along.

Watching Verge Collection play makes you feel like you’re watching your friends. They are such typical Australian guys and give off such a relaxed and chilled out vibe. The band always appears to be a bit disheveled, both in appearance and stage presence, and I think that is what makes them feel so familiar, even if you have never seen them play before. Verge Collection makes music that anyone can enjoy, and the variance within the audience showed that. There was such a mix between younger and older listeners. It was the type of gig you could go to with your parents—one of my friends did.

The show was the first for the Flaneur Tour, so they played a lot of their new songs, pretty much all of them besides Long Comedown and Sleep It Off. There was a good mix of older songs in the set too, like Too Much About You and Our Place. For The Story, a personal favourite, was definitely the highlight of the evening. The pink lights flitted across the stage as the band rocked out hard. The crowd went wild, everyone jumping and swinging their arms as they shouted along “I just did it for the story”. That song is always a crowd pleaser. It’s so easy to dance to and has a tune that never gets old.

The evening briefly took a different turn while frontman Ben Arnold told a story about a prostitute and a carpeting job gone wrong to fill the time while they down-tuned. To summarise, his boss gave him the wrong address to go and clean a carpet. He rocked up at A instead of B, only to find an old lady with no carpets who was looking for a different kind of work.

Kicking back into the tunes, the band smashed out their rendition of Bad Kids by Black Lips, a song that everyone seemed to know and jumped along to, regardless of whether they knew all the words or not. Verge Collection brought the night to a close with their most recent single, Feelin’ Old, an upbeat and poppy song that has received a lot of radio play since its release.

When they walked off stage, we were left wondering if there would be an encore—after all, they hadn’t played Postcodes and how could they leave without that? To our dismay, we soon realised that we would not get to witness the beauty of the song that is Postcodes that evening. I didn’t hear Sleep It Off, which I was most excited about from the album, but I guess I can wait until next time for that one too.

There were a couple of bumps along the road, like when Ben forgot a few of the lyrics to a song and mumbled along a tune instead, and a few wrong chords every now and then—according to my friend. All in all, it was a really fun and enjoyable evening, filled with great new tunes from a banger of an album.

Verge Collection’s new album Flaneur is out now.