Prove your humanity

Sometimes, when personal music tastes are under scrutiny, perceptions of character are positively made or broken. This can be true when it comes to jazz. For some reason, there are two camps with jazz: those who like it and those who don’t. For some reason, a genre centred around complicated chord progressions and melodies got reduced to a jar of fucking marmite. If you tell your friend you hold an appreciation for any kind of jazz they’ll either want to marry you or stay away because they’ll see you as diseased.

This is where local band Demon Days come in. Catch them live and you’ll be met with a sizeable crowd bopping about to the bands funked out rhythms. The band have a talent for taking elements of jazz and popularising the genre in a live setting. They deconstruct the marmite jar into its rightful state. Show their latest EP Magic Eye to a friend, and they’ll no longer perceive you as a freaky leper. You might even convert them into a jazz cat.

Magic Eye consists of six tracks, and it’s an audible treat from start to finish. Throughout its 21 minute run its an improvisational dance between articulate, coolly non-apologetic vocals and smooth instrumentation. The vocals of Bella Nichols guide the band members with uncompromisable ease, giving off a reflective narrative characterised with sharp vocal intonations. Pleasantly smooth, the EP doesn’t send you to sleep. Instead, the quick switches in tempo and almost improvisational feel keep you hooked and attentively listening throughout.

Its cool, its fun and it’s easy. While Magic Eye probably isn’t going to win any Grammies, it certainly isn’t a sophomoric effort either. Magic Eye isn’t the kind of record that is going to turn you into a jazz junkie overnight, it’s like a cool parent that suggestively nudges you to give it a go. If you’re looking for a record that is good to mellow out to, that will give you a taste of jazz, then Magic Eye is going to please.

It’s a solid effort for Demon Days. Magic Eye shows the high school jazz band members grew up and became the cool kids.

Demon Day’s latest EP Magic Eye is out now.