Prove your humanity

“The ’80s never looked better,” croons lead singer Sean Moring in indie rock quartet Sad Hour’s latest single Get On Your Shoulder Pads. You’re probably wondering what the hell are shoulder pads. Well, let GROK give you a little lesson in fashion. They are fabric bits that can be placed on any piece of clothing that turn your otherwise rounded shoulders into pointy appendages.

Sad Hour has written a homage to this long extinct clothing accessory. A mainstay of VCR strewn movies and ’80s sitcoms, the shoulder pad is a distant memory in the cultural-consumer zeitgeist. Get On Your Shoulder Pads is an anthem for the lifespan of all ’80s fashion that ended up at Salvos.

But dig through the layers—dig like you are searching for those long-lost images of shoulder pads in the op-shop that is your subconsciousness. You’ll find a track from a band unapologetically mixing new-wave, Britpop and noughties British indie rock in tantalising combinations.

It’s cool, Britpop is cool, therefore, Sad Hour is cool—making you cool! Cool Britannia baby. The bass and rhythms are bouncy, the vocals are coy. The song calls back to simpler times. To a pre-GFC Britain, when Tony Blair was being called out as a warmonger—good times.

For a West Coast scene where rock music romanticises the sharing of drug paraphernalia between surfers in a garage, intonations of American grunge and Beach Boys riffs becoming the mainstay (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), but Sad Hour has offered a promise of something new and refreshing. A call to arms for any closeted mods out there.

So for the sake of all things Britpop (and using a rudimentary Yorkshire translator off google):

Gerr on thy shoulda pads uz son!

Sad Hour – Get On Your Shoulder Pads

Get On Your Shoulder Pads is available to download on Triple J Unearthed