Prove your humanity

Spring has now sprung, the winter thaw has shaken itself away and the national heat-up until summer is crawling ever closer. Wounds, the latest single from local band Wooly Mammoth, exercises the sentiment of seasonal change nicely.

The track kicks off in a rustic, quiet contemplation. With reverbed guitars pulling out a gentle aura, the track is given an almost reflective quality. It’s a track that oozes quiet reflection, mixed in with a dash of sentimentality on top of a determinative wanting for change.

But it’s towards the close of Wounds where the listener is awarded the audible pay-off. In a culmination of instrumentation, the guitars, drums and entire band erupt into a crescendo of cathartic noise. Wounds makes for a perfect mood jam on those rainy days, or even when you’re smashing out a jog. It’s a song best served in a live setting,

There’s nothing but praise for this sensational, seasonal single. A solid effort from Wooly Mammoth. If you’re keen to catch Wounds live, they’re playing at The Bird in Northbridge tonight.

Wooly Mammoth’s latest single Wounds is available to stream and download.