Prove your humanity

“If Blue Water High was ever re-booted, this song would be the opening song for sure”, reads one of the Triple J Unearthed reviews for Candy Guts’ Go Away, and I couldn’t agree more—if the surfers were a bit more hard-core, that is.

Go Away is dirty, loud and in your face straight off the bat. Full of an endless amount of energy, listening to it is like being hit with a wall of fuzz and a whole lot of screaming. The garage-rock track balances a level of grittiness and sophistication that makes you want to listen to it over and over again.

The band recently released their first video clip for the single and it’s something straight from the ‘90s. The video is a hyperreal blend of live action and animation that’s so over the top and full of intricate details it leaves you amazed.

I’m not usually a big fan of music that involves screaming, but Go Away really makes you do quite the opposite as it continuously grows on you the more you listen.

Candy Guts latest single Go Away is available to download and stream now.

Music Video by Loser Unit and Bloody Rom-Com Films.