Prove your humanity

Groovier than a ’60s space heater, Eliza by Velvet Jungle is funked out from start to finish. It’s a song to get lost to—amongst a labyrinthian maze of phased-out, effects-pedalled driven madness. With vocalist Conor Lawson exclaiming “I swear I am not insane,” you’d be convinced otherwise until you saw the guitar solo.

Now, not to use a trope lightly, albeit to use one is almost criminal, but “dad rock” is right on the money with Eliza. It’s breezy and belongs on a Sunday afternoon hammock or a stuffy old ’70s shagpile carpet. There is a retrospective warmth to be found in between all that psychedelic funk and fuzz.

Eliza sums up what Velvet Jungle is all about. Like the whirlwind of the guitar solo that sends you spinning at the close of the track. The track gives you a fabric-related existential crisis. There is a fun, directionless quality to the track, and ultimately isn’t a good song something you’re meant to get lost in?

Also: one of the band’s interests is Weiner dogs. What’s not to love?

Catch Velvet Jungle play Eliza at the Bird this Wednesday, October 17.