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In between music festivals and video clips, Karina Wykes and Cameron Robertson from electronic indie-pop trio Glades found the time to chat to Grok about their upcoming debut album To Love You.

Last month you guys played at Listen Out alongside the likes of A$AP Rocky, Skrillex and Snake Hips. How was that?

Wykes: Very crazy because we’ve kind of looked up to those artists for so long and then to be able to play the same festival as them was really cool.

Robertson: Yeah, incredible experience being able to play to thousands of people at one time. It was just unreal.

Your video clip for your latest single, Eyes Wide Shut, came out recently; I loved the simplistic and moody black and white vibes in that, and it was the first video you’ve starred in as a band. What was that like?

Wykes: Thank you! It was very crazy just because we’ve never been at a shoot with that kind of large-scale setup, so it was a long day with a lot of cool stuff. A lot of lights and a lot of wind machines and snow machines and all of that, so it was really fun. We’re really excited about the outcome. It looks really cool.

Onto your new album, how was the writing and recording process for the album?

Robertson: It feels like it’s a combination of three years’ worth of our project. We released our first EP in 2016 but we also had songs that we didn’t use on that that also made this album. We’ve done multiple trips to LA and New York to work with other songwriters. It’s been a wild ride that’s for sure.

Did you face any challenges in the process?

Wykes: I think for us we write a lot of songs so just selecting which ones were the right ones to tell the right story that we wanted to give across. I think it took time for us to be in agreement about which songs we loved the most and what we wanted to say, but I think when we all come to agreement we know that it’s something good, and that’s what this album is—something that we all love, and I think we’re all really excited about it.

Robertson: I think there was a period where we were just writing a lot of the same type of music. What we were wanting from our music, it just didn’t feel like it was happening—I guess you could call it writer’s block. So that was the first time we ever went over to LA and did some songwriting sessions with other people and I think that was really instrumental in what this album is now. It opened us up to a whole ‘nother world of collaboration, but I think as well because we were working with songwriters and producers, it really helped us in our own writing and helped us get better as songwriters individually.

How does it feel that you guys started out as schoolmates and now are both releasing an album together?

Wykes: I guess we never thought that we’d be able to do this. We all just loved music. We never came into it with the intention of making money or anything. We just did it because we loved it and to be able to do that now and release an album that people actually want to listen to is crazy but so exciting at the same time and it’s cool that we get to do it with our friends, so it’s really cool but it’s so crazy and we’re so excited.

So, your album features a few of the favourite singles, Not About You, Do You Right and Drive. What can listeners expect from the seven new tracks on the album?

Wykes: I think they can expect more great songs as they’ve already heard, but I guess a new side to us, a little bit more emotional. We kind of lay our emotions out in this album, especially in the last two songs, so there’s a lot of music that’s close to our hearts and a few songs that make me tear up when I listen to it. I hope that people will be able to hear that emotion as well when they listen. It’s a journey; they should expect to listen and be on a journey when they listen to the album and I hope they love it.

Robertson: I think musically it feels like a progression of the last three years for us but in weirdly a really cohesive way. I think you’ll be able to hear the journey of us as songwriters and as a band and what we’ve been through.

From a first listen, the album sounds pretty fantastic. Can you tell me more about the message behind it?

Wykes: When you’re listening to a song it’s usually written about romantic love and I feel like every other aspect of love is just as important. Like loving the people around you and loving your friends, even loving yourself. We don’t hear about that as much as we should I think, and the album is about exploring all those different types of love because they’re just as important. Every day we live with those kinds of love and bring light to that. Also, there’s a little bit of a romantic, a little bit of flirty kind of songs on there as well because that’s also important. It’s about a journey of discovering love and a bit of all different types of love.

I really like that message. Do you guys each have a favourite track off the album?

Robertson: I have two favourite tracks. One that’s been really special to us when we were choosing the album tracks was a song called Better Love, which is the second last track on the album. That song went through a journey and was one of the only ones that went through a journey. We wrote that right at the start of 2016 and we ended up coming back to it really recently to choose the tracklist, but we went over different lyrics and over different melodies and reworked the music behind it. It ended up going through probably like five or six different versions and there was also one where we ended up recording live instruments on, which we’ve never done on any of our tracks before, so we recorded live drums. It feels like a special track.

Wykes: For me, I think there’s a song about midway through the album and it’s called Sweetheart. It’s a little bit different but it has an attitude to it and I love singing it and I feel like you’ll be able to hear that come across when you listen, so I’m really excited about that song as well.

How are you feeling about your upcoming tour next month?

Wykes: So excited! We’re playing to venues we supported other artists in and we’ve seen some of our favourite artists in those venues, so it’s kind of crazy that we would be doing it ourselves. We’re putting so much work into it and we’re just wanting to be able to have the best time. We’re so excited.

Robertson: It’s going to be super exciting for us to play a whole body of work, like to play an album, because we’ve been on tour with a lot of bands who’ve already released a record and it’s just being able to see their fans sing every word back to them and know every single word. For us as a band, hearing people scream back your music is the most surreal, amazing feeling. I think previously with our other tours and stuff because we’ve been supporting or didn’t have a whole body of work out, we were forever playing unreleased music, and seeing the difference between what we were doing and other bands playing whole albums—that’s something we’re really excited for.

Wykes: Definitely ready for people to be singing along with us and I love how people respond. I’m just ready for that to happen. It’s really exciting.

Robertson: We’re just super excited. The album comes out November 2 and we hope you love it.


Glade’s debut album To Love You is out November 2.

Tour dates:

November 24: Corner Hotel, Melbourne

November 20: Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth

December 1:  Jive, Adelaide

December 6: Metro Theatre, Sydney

December 7: Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane