Prove your humanity

Sonically ethereal, and pleasantly lo-fi, the third single off local band Girl York’s upcoming EP Dreaming In 505 pleasantly teases what to expect from the band once it releases.

Shaun Martin growls “lost at sea” with a poignant angst, as his vocals are overlayed with rustic guitars striking at the song’s beginnings with a bittersweet riff and catchy drum beat.

Lost At Sea is a track that journeys through audible feelings of isolation, desolation and reflection— culminating in a shoe-gazed guitar solo that finishes off the song in bittersweet reverence.

While Dreaming in 505 was written by Martin with reflections of loneliness, depression and wanting connection, Lost At Sea presents an empathetic anthem for those who are struggling with mental illness.

The suffocation of questioning every decision you make, compounded by a spiral of negative assumptions in an environment where mental health is trivialised and shunned, can feel exhausting.

Lost At Sea represents a small step in the right direction for destigmatising mental illness; a reprieve and a show of support for those feeling ‘lost’.


Girl York’s latest EP ‘Dreaming in 505’ is set for release on November 30.