Prove your humanity

Stacked with collaborations, Joyride’s latest album Sunrise Chaser is a record oozing with funked out medleys and smooth vocals. Gearing up for his album tour which includes a stop at Amplifier Bar in Perth on February 9, Joyride spoke with Grok on his album release, collaborations and touring.


You’ve had a pretty hectic year, kickstarted with the release and popularity of Auntie Tracey’s Cookies, as well as an announced tour for the new year. It doesn’t seem like 2018 is done with Joyride just yet. How are you handling it so far?

The years have a habit of handling us more than we handle them. I’m not dead yet, but neither is 2018.

Congratulations on the drop of your debut album Sunrise Chaser, how does it feel to have it finally out there?

It feels like the end of a day spent walking through the botanic gardens. My legs hurt, my nose misses the smells of the afternoon, but my mind is filled with the memories of nature’s beauty (and I can’t wait to do it again).

The title wouldn’t be a cheeky nod to a favourite drink would it?

Trying to see a link between “Sunrise Chaser” and “iced latte from Tinhorn Cafe Sydenham”.

It’s a very collaborative effort, featuring appearances from Sarah Corry, leftprojects, Bree Tranter, Nina Las Vegas and HANDSOME. Is collaboration something you actively seek out when making a track?

I like spending time with my friends. Working with them gives us a good excuse to hang out.

What are you looking forward to most for the upcoming Sunrise Chaser Tour?

I’m looking forward to crafting a set that will hopefully impress a wide range of people and help distract from the oppressive weight of our own existences.


Joyride plays next at Amplifier Bar, Perth on February 9.