Prove your humanity

Nostalgia–it’s a funny little thing; a word defined as evoking a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past … at least that’s what Google tells me. It’s a sentimentality that eludes us on the edge of everyday, only to reveal itself weeks, or even years later, when circumstances feel more poignant and wistful than ever.

Local rising star Stella Donnelly’s latest single Lunch evokes just that. Audibly it feels like a love letter to the nostalgia we long for, or ultimately hold on to. It’s the feeling of holding on to something for five minutes more, before we dive head first and let go into the oblivion that is the rest of our lives.

With the cruisy pleasantries of a singular, jangly guitar progression and Donnelly’s careful, piercing vocals lightly caressing us through the lyrics, Donnelly pulls on the listener’s heartstrings with little effort. Just like a wave a nostalgia, Donnelly fleetingly lifts us up to ruminate amongst the chorus, only to be let back down again to lay amongst the comforting come-down that is the song’s finish.

Perhaps you’re grinding at some internship or a retail shift; maybe it’s your regular 9 to 5; or perhaps you’re on your lunch break in some soulless underground food court. It’s here that suddenly you’re hit with a wave of nostalgia … Lunch is that wave.