Prove your humanity

Perhaps the most beautiful song I’ve heard over the last few weeks, Hold Me is the sweet and melodic new single by Joan & the Giants.

Hold Me is the band’s first single under their new name—they were previously known as Platform 2—and is evidence that Joan & the Giants is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

The mellow mood is set from the first line of the song with Grace Newton’s calming and soothing vocals. Newton has a euphonious voice that makes you want to be held by someone you love.

Joan & the Giants have succeeded in creating a tune with a level of softness and vulnerability that conveys the strong level of passion behind the song.

Filled with beautiful harmonies, the chorus lifts you up and wraps you in the ethereal music like a warm comforting blanket.

Hold Me is a perfect track for you to add to the playlist full of happy music that sounds a bit like sad music.