Prove your humanity

Between a busy touring schedule, Melbourne DJ Some Blonde (AKA Alicia Nicole Weir) has delivered her brand new single, Set You Free. The pop track features striking vocals from Australian singer-songwriter Reigan Derry, who is known for being a contestant on X-Factor in 2014.

This is Some Blonde’s first new song since 2017, commencing a huge run of forthcoming releases. Some Blonde is currently on her single tour for Set You Free, where she is apparently known to give energetic and exciting live performances. Her collaborative partner Reigan’s music has been likened to English indie folk band Daughter mixed with powerful emotion of Florence and the Machine, making the two an interesting pair.

For Set You Free, Reigan’s sweet smooth vocals carry you on a journey throughout the track while Some Blonde’s synths and dance beats create the catchy vibe.

Sadly, I found Set You Free fails to reach the tier that the trending pop songs we all know and love (or hate but can’t seem to get out of our heads) sit upon.

Upon first listen, it’s easy to tell what the track was going for and the catchy dance vibes the musos wanted to create, but it seems to fall short of the mark. The beginning is energetic and promising, but overall it fails to become a tune that I want to listen to over and over, rather the first listen was enough. In saying this, the vocals by Reigan are the standout and saviour of the track and she displays an impressive vocal range.

While the track is not anything ground breaking and veers towards being another typical synth-based pop track, it is an energetic tune with a punchy chorus and is worth a listen. It’s not my cup of tea, but who’s to say it won’t be yours.

Set You Free will be released on streaming platforms on March 28.