Prove your humanity

Perth’s electric ladies, Legs Electric are back with a fresh new track, Tuesday Girl. The local rock group released the tune ahead of their Tuesday Girl video launch at Indi Bar this Sunday.

The spark is present from the first strum of the guitar—these ladies have something to say. Tuesday Girl is loud and proud with strong electric guitar shredding but finds a balance between instrumentals and vocals. The band’s confident vocals stand clear above the instruments and are complemented by soft and sweet harmonies.

According to the band themselves, Tuesday Girl is the track ‘to consign any flailing romance shipwrecked on a weekend’s shore to the rightful trash heap upon where it belongs, unleashing a far more fetching figure to spark the dimly lit corridors of your desire’.

It’s a thrilling tale of meeting someone while out on the town on a Friday and them failing to text on Saturday and the feelings and thoughts that creep into your mind over the weekend. You’ve been done dirty on Monday and are not going to cave on the Tuesday—you’re not a Tuesday girl.

Keep your eyes peeled for the single’s accompanying video clip and check out their launch party this Sunday.