Prove your humanity

Storm and Silence by Rob Thier was the perfect blend of humour and history.

Set in London’s late 1830s, this historical fiction succeeded in taking me right into the stormy world of Lily Linton and her alter ego twin brother Victor Linton.

Lily is set on one thing: freedom. Freedom to do simple things, like voting, or earning money as a secretary, doesn’t come easy for Lily, as she lives in a time where women are supposed to have a “tiny brain”. But every problem has a solution, and for Lily, it’s the “fine young man” Victor Linton who has a “generous behind”, or better still, Lily dressed in Uncle Bickford’s Sunday-best.

I could go on about the storm that is Lily, but I dare not forget Mr Rikkard Ambrose, the definition of silence himself. A cold businessman, a world-class miser, and a chauvinistic employer, who would like a male secretary–not a female disguised as her twin brother. But underneath that stone cold face, is a warm heart that Lily, and I, can’t help falling in love with.

Before long, I found myself immersed in Lily’s quirky and independent spirit, laughing at her occasional clumsiness and her wit, but in awe of her feministic values and incredible negotiation skills.

Rob Thier’s tale of Lily has me wanting more. I was left with feelings of shock and excitement, but also with questions that demand to be answered. With every page I found myself immersed in the nineteenth century. I was reminded of the fight that women undertook to get us where we are today, and also, how much further we need to go to receive our ‘true’ freedom–equality.

With a jaw-dropping ending, I was filled with a need for the next book of the series in order to get some closure. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Lily in the Eye of the Storm.