Prove your humanity

Perth five-piece Almond Soy has pumped out their first track for 2019, Apartment—a catchy and light tune that shows a different step for the band’s sound. The local indie rockers released the track today, so be sure to check out this fresh tune.

The band’s new single is easy on the ears and provides a comfortable balance between the instruments and vocals. Lead vocalist Brandon Stockbridge’s voice is confident and calming, almost like hearing a friend open up to you about what they’ve been going through, and is not strained against the backing instruments. The soy boys have succeeded in creating a beautiful meld of music that both compliments and is complemented by the vocals.

Although a catchy tune, I personally found Apartment doesn’t quite hit the level Almond Soy’s previous singles are at—that’s probably because their other tracks are such strong songs that have special places in my heart. It’s a change in tune, a bit of a slower and softer track than the more energetic singles they have previously released. Apartment kicks along at a leisurely pace, but I still have a feeling that it would be a killer track to hear live. I already know that Almond Soy put on one hell of a show, but if you don’t, you should catch them at The Aardvark in Freo tonight.

Apartment is the smooth track you’ve been looking for to head into the weekend with.