Prove your humanity

Hailing from Melbourne, Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird is a band that demands attention. Consisting of Lachlan Rose, Francesca Gonzales, Nick Reid and Matt Hayes, this band creates indie-pop tunes about love, heartbreak and the simpatico relationship they share. Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to witness these guys live, with supporting acts Francesca Gonzales and Noah Dillon making for a ripper of an evening.

Whilst I had very much been looking forward to seeing one of my favourite local Perth acts, J.F.K, as a supporting act, there was a last-minute change to plans. With Cousin Tony’s own Francesca Gonzales to play in their place, I hadn’t known what to expect. Nevertheless, I was looking forward to an evening of indie tunes, greasy pizza and cheap drinks.

A trip to Lucy’s Love Shack without a pizza or two isn’t a trip worth making. Best shared over the bar’s signature cocktails with a group of mates, you won’t be left dissatisfied. Ideally, the pizza would be finished off just in time to hear the live set you came out for.

Despite my initial disappointment in the line-up alteration, I quickly fell in love with Gonzales’ striking vocals and gorgeous melodies. Having not previously heard her solo work, I was a stranger to her set list. Now knowing what I’ve been missing out on, Francesca Gonzales will occupy my playlists, in the hopes that I will catch her live again.

Noah Dillon is an artist that never ceases to amaze me. Having seen this guy live on countless occasions, I knew Dillon would be the perfect addition to an already remarkable line-up. His powerful set included favourites such as The Man I’m Not, Holding On and Maggots. I’m always left in awe after seeing Dillon perform, with my expectations being exceeded every time.

Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird. Whilst boasting a mouthful of a name, these guys are hard to forget. Having been a fan for a little while now, I was more than eager to see these guys live. Producing the type of music that you could fall in love to, Cousin Tony’s is a band that needs to be on your radar. Best listened to whilst driving along the coast on a rainy day, or whilst sitting in a near empty airport, their melancholic, eclectic sound is exactly what I’d want the soundtrack of my life to consist of.

They opened their set with Cool Parties, a song that you can’t help but get up and groove to, and I was already hooked. You know that feeling when you’ve had a song circulating on your playlists for a year or two and you finally get to witness it live? This was that moment, and I was not left disappointed.

Punters were also welcomed with some new tracks, Joy, Fast Pace to London and Next Life Yeah. However, the naming of these could be a little off, with some loud talking gig-goers to blame. Joy was a gorgeous, slow track about a girl who brought light into Roses’ life in a time of darkness. The other new tunes were a little more upbeat and indie-pop, much like their recently released singles, Love is Heartbreak and Hot Pink.

Melbourne Bitter was warmly welcomed by the crowd, with the ode to their hometown being a crowd favourite on the night, much like their performance of Transient. Frontman ­­­­Lachlan Roses’ solo performance of Head Home was a memorable part of the evening, with the hauntingly pretty song demanding the attention of everyone in the bar.

The band’s charisma with each other and the audience drew in the crowd, with their set being one to remember. I should also note that Francesca Gonzales and a keytar is an epic combo to see, and I suddenly have the urge to purchase one myself. My only disappointment of the evening was the band neglected to play Queen of Hearts, a song I am admittedly a little too obsessed with.

Be sure to check out the band’s latest singles, to prepare yourselves for their inevitably mind-blowing new album.