Prove your humanity

Perth’s pissed-off posse, Mal de Mer’s latest track Goodbye Headache kicks off with a bang and dives straight into the action, with frontwoman Saskia Fleming oozing attitude from the opening line, “These boots were made for stomping, I will put you in your place”.

Mal de Mer are the angry young people you need to be listening to. Saskia has a voice dripping with angst and isn’t afraid to step up and put someone in their place—hell, it sounds like she lives for it.

The new track seems to be a slight shift from their usual surf-pop sound but maintains the same type of witty, cynical lyrics that I love from them.

It bounces around and is a meld of jittery and bright instrumentals with subtle and smooth bass, toeing the line of having too much going on at once. The addition of the synth in the chorus creates a funky and silky vibe, one that makes you want to put your hands in the air and have a boogie.

Goodbye Headache has left me excited to see where these local groovers head next.