Prove your humanity

So, I discovered a Pornhub channel about bees.

Have I got your attention?

Now, if this is what you’re thinking:

Don’t worry, it’s actually a lot more wholesome.

The ‘Beesexual’ campaign features numerous short clips of bees out in nature; collecting nectar and pollen, and just doing their bee thing. Except there is something a little different; these clips are dubbed over by porn stars, turning them into raunchy classics such as ‘Mature Natural Gets Plowed by Worker Bee’ and ‘How to Make a Flower Cum in 3 Seconds’.

For every view, a donation is made to bee-saving charities such as Operation Honeybee and the Center for Honeybee Research.

According to Operation Honeybee, last year there was a 15 per cent increase in Colony Collapse Disorder in the US. This is where a bee colony is left with a queen and immature bees, but no adults—effectively killing the colony. Bee numbers around the world are dwindling due to pesticides, habitat destruction, and more, which of course has massive ecological effects.

Pornhub’s angle is that bees are crucial for nature to ‘get it on’.

It might surprise you that something like this is coming out of the biggest online streaming porn site in the world. What I found out, however, is that Pornhub has more going on than you might think.

Pornhub Cares is the philanthropic branch of the site, and they’re not just trying to save the bees—they have run similar projects in the past.

In 2016, they ran a campaign to ‘Save The Whales’ (sperm whales were heavily mentioned of course), with every 2000 video views across Pornhub generating one cent towards a whale-focused not-for-profit.

The following year, National Panda Day was honoured with a new porn category called ‘Panda Style.’ This encouraged users to put on costumes and film panda porn to—get this—create a content database for zoologists to entice mating in giant pandas. It was porn for pandas. Pornhub also pledged to donate US$100 per video towards giant panda conservation.

In regards to their recently launched bee campaign, Vice President Corey Price said, “With over 110 million daily visitors, we thought our users could come together to lend a helping hand and help conserve this precious species.”

Speaking of site traffic, have you ever considered the different factors that can influence porn consumption?

Just before the release of the movie Avengers: Endgame, searches for ‘Avengers’ went up by 2912 per cent. This is according to stats from Pornhub Insights—data and research compiled by the Pornhub team regarding their viewership. The articles provide an interesting read.

Among the most popular topics in 2018 was the video game Fortnite. When the Fortnite server crashed for 24 hours last April, searches for the game on Pornhub went up by 60 per cent. Broadcast of the US 60 Minutes programme on Stormy Daniels led to a decrease in Pornhub traffic, as did the finale of Great British Bake Off.

But wait there’s more.

Pornhub also has an online Sexual Wellness Centre. I think most people can agree that the sex ed you get in school is pretty crap, yet you can’t rely on what you see in porn because a lot of that is inaccurate as well. Well, this side of Pornhub provides a variety of resources that are highly informative, and covers topics like: STIs, sexuality, relationships, Q&As. It’s also refreshingly inclusive (yay for LGBTQIA+ rep). Don’t get me wrong it’s not the best resource that’s out there, but I was still impressed.

The elderly are not excluded either, with Pornhub’s Old School providing safe sex education for over 65s, “because love knows no age and neither do STDs.”

All this Pornhub promo aside, I will say that for actual porn you should go somewhere else. Free streaming sites like this one don’t usually employ ethical practices like fair treatment for those that work in the industry. There’s no incentive when it’s watched for free, so please pay for your porn. For more info check out how to watch porn ethically.

Still, feel free to explore all these other quirky things about Pornhub you might not have known. The Beesexual campaign runs until 16 May.